Established in 1978 by Bob Sans, AAA Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning remains family owned and operated. Our reputation has been built by offering superior cleaning services and protectant applications to the NJ/PA/DE tri – state area. Our satisfied clients appreciate that our company owners are always on-site and thoughtfully leading our staff. The AAA team comprises three generations with a combined 40 years on hands-on experience and professional knowledge.

Professional and Courteous Home Cleaning Services in NJ/PA

AAA team members are carefully selected, screened and trained to ensure that clients’ privacy and security are paramount. In accordance to our dedication to excellent professional protocol, A3’s staff is trained in contemporary workplace etiquette by standards of the Protocol School of Washington.

AAA’s highly skilled professionals have over 40 years of experience in pressurizing and preserving fine fabrics and delicate wools. As the Delaware Valley’s respected industry leader, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate material conditions and recommend the optimum cleaning and preservation capabilities. 

The design trade as well as home and business owners appreciate that AAA’s quality control standards are the highest in the industry.Our staff is certified and trained in accordance to IICRC and The Wool Safe Organization to inspect, clean and restore all types of fabrics.

Maintenance Cleaning Services for Carpets, Furniture, and Drapes

The AAA Carpet Cleaning process is gentle on your carpet yet highly effective at removing stains and dirt. Your carpet will be cleaner, dry quicker and your home will be healthier with AAA.

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Same Day Emergency Cleaning Services in NJ and PA

A3 understands that accidents happen and we are happy to help you in your time of need. Rest assured that when you need help, a AAA Carpet and Upholstery owner will personally answer the phone, schedule a same day appointment and provide guidance with any questions that you may have regarding your stain until we arrive to remedy the problem.

NJ & Pa cleaning services for area rugs safely cleaned on site

AAA recognizes that Oriental carpets and specialty area rugs are valuable investments.

With over 35 years of in-field experience, training and certification, our clients know they can trust AAA’s proprietary process to safely clean and protect delicate fibers and effectively remove stains.

Our owners personally lead our team and are hands –on at every job site.

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On-Site Drapery Cleaning Services for NJ and PA

Drapery elegantly frames windows and complements your entire interior design plan.

You take time and special care to select the fabrics, pattern and style for your drapery.

AAA recognizes the beauty and the value of your drapery and we take special care to clean and preserve your investment. The owners of AAA are personally on –site and hands-on at each job thoughtfully overseeing the special needs of your cleaning project.

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Pet Stain and Odor Removal Services in PA and NJ

Our pets are special members of our families. AAA understands the joy and challenges that pets present to our clients. We are pet lovers and pet owners and we understand that homes with pets require special care and attention.

Dander, body oil, soil, and urine accumulate and diminish the appearance of carpets, upholstery and even drapery.

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NJ and PA Rug, Fabric, and Furniture Sanitizing Services

It’s easy to underestimate how soiled your upholstery and furniture may be – we often take for granted how often our families, friends and pets gather to enjoy the living spaces in our homes.

Each day skin cells, oils, dust, and other soil collect on your upholstery which can only be removed through a thorough professional cleaning.

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Professional Soctchgard treatments for furniture, carpets, and fine fabrics

Your best investment to shield your carpet and upholstery from accidents, spills and stains is a protectant application. Unlike franchised companies, AAA Carpet and Upholstery is not locked into using one treatment system and can select the best protectant for your specific needs.

We understand that great interior design includes a wide selection of fabrics and textiles. Each requires special attention and care.

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Flood Restoration Services for Furniture, Rugs, and Fabrics in PA and NJ

AAA Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is available 7 days a week for any water damage restoration projects.

The AAA water damage team is industry trained and certified in all aspects of water damage restoration. Each of our senior technicians is IICRC Certified with classroom and hands on training to better serve the restoration needs of our customers.

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Pre- and Post-Season Cleaning Services for Furniture, Rugs, and Fine Fabrics

AAA can help you relax and enjoy every moment of the summer season.  Our pre and post season service enables you to maximize your time with your family and friends at your pool, beach or vacation property.  You can rely on AAA to get your property looking great before, during and after the season with professional cleaning and protectant applications.

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NJ, PA, and DE leather cleaning, care, and repair services

AAA is your professional resource for leather care, cleaning, and repair services. Our colleagues have over twenty years of experience in solving leather problems and have been trained by the nationally recognized leader in leather care.

AAA provides help for all types of leather – regardless of the age or size of the problem - we have the solution to all of your leather issues.

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As patients and families look forward to returning home and being discharged from a hospital stay, AAA can help make your transition trouble-free, safe and more enjoyable.

In accordance with the guidelines of the University of Pennsylvania and other leading Cancer treatment facilities, AAA Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can prepare your home to create a safe, healthy and secure environment to promote a recovery for your loved ones.

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Cleaning Services Offered by A3

Our professional services include technologies to clean and preserve carpet, area rugs, upholstery, drapery as well as outdoor furniture for residences, commercial properties or vacation homes.

AAA has worked hard to earn the distinction of being the “best in the business” for carpet and upholstery cleaning among Delaware Valley design firms and associations including ASID. Our knowledgeable staff has been trained by industry leading organizations, including The Wool Safe Organization and IICRC to carefully and meticulously treat specialty soft surface items and we comprehend the composition and elements of fine fabrics including cotton, wool, silk, and rayon.

AAA carefully analyzes affected textiles and the factors that affect them – age, lifestyle habits, and sun exposure - to determine how to safely and effectively clean and extend the life of area rugs, draperies, and carpeting. Our approach is unique, in comparison to competitors who have a one size fits all philosophy with limited cleaning options and training.

Outdoor Furntiure Cleaning Services in NJ and PA

As part of your spring cleaning, contact AAA Carpet and Upholstery to clean and freshen your outdoor upholstery.  In addition, we can apply protectant to your outdoor patio cushions and chaise lounge to protect the furniture from stains throughout the season. At the close of the season, when you are ready to store your cushions, AAA Carpet and Upholstery recommends an end of season maintenance which thoroughly cleans and removes and mold or mildew and gets them ready for winter storage.

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Services for Furniture, Fabrics, and Rugs

Safeguarding your family, your pets and the environment is AAA's priority as we perform cleaning and protection services. We select mild, bio-degradable, non-toxic products carefully applying the minimum amount necessary to ensure that your fine furnishings will be cleaned, deodorized and retain their vibrant color.

NJ & PA Rug, Furniture, and Fabric Deoderizing Services

Carpets and upholstery absorb and retain odors that are caused from a variety of sources- humidity, smoke, food, pet accidents, or even animal fur. The source of the odor needs to be identified and remedied but before you incur the cost of replacing an unpleasant smelling carpet, AAA Carpet and Upholstery can neutralize these odors with a sensible solution. A3 can pressurize rugs, carpeting and upholstery to refresh and restore them like new, unlike topical sprays or powders may only offer a temporary reprieve.

AAA Carpet & Upholstery Services the following Manufacturers:

  • Armani Casa
  • B & B Italia
  • Brown Jordan
  • Case                
  • Cassina
  • Donghia
  • Holly Hunt
  • Grange
  • Knoll

Provides Service for the following Businesses and their clients:

  • Berwyn Carpet
  • Design within Reach
  • Turchi Properties                         
  • Luxe Home

A3 provides service for the following Designers and their clients:

  • Cynthia Cericola-Hartz
  • Linda Daly
  • Barbara Eberlein, Eberlein Design Consultants
  • John Fajerski
  • Renee Freeman
  • Don Freeman
  • FURY Design
  • Patricia Gorman
  • John Kelly
  • Rocco A. Mariani, Jr.
  • Weixler Peterson Luzi
    – Steven Weixler
    – Walter Peterson
    – Marcello A. Luzi
  • Phase II Design
  • Marguerite Rogers Interior Design
  • Hal Seitch
  • Carle Steele
  • Michael Stevens
  • Linda Ungar
  • D. Colman White
  • Michelle Wenitsky