AAA can help you relax and enjoy every moment of the summer season.  Our pre and post season service enables you to maximize your time with your family and friends at your pool, beach or vacation property.  You can rely on AAA to get your property looking great before, during and after the season with professional cleaning and protectant applications.

Although many exterior fabrics feature stain resistance, over time and exposure, the molecules break down, diminishing their efficiency and leaving your exterior susceptible to dirt and deterioration.

Pollen, dirt and airborne pollutants deposit on outdoor living spaces causing them to mold, mildew and look unappealing.

AAA can clean and protect your exterior living spaces including:

  • Patio Cushions
  • Chaise lounges
  • Rugs
  • Pillows

It takes time and energy to make your outdoor living spaces special. We know that juggling the demands of your properties, work and family are challenging. Don’t spend your valuable time cleaning - simply call AAA to handle the details of opening or closing your patio space, pool or vacation home.


Our Certified Professionals Make the Difference

AAA’s craftsmen carefully analyze textiles and the factors that affect them – age, lifestyle habits, and sun exposure - to determine how to safely and effectively clean and extend the life of upholstery and fabrics.

Our state of the art cleaning process safely extracts dirt and removes stains from your upholstery fabrics. AAA’s Upholstery cleaning is safe and our non-toxic solutions will help your fabrics look as clean as when they were purchased.

Rest assured, AAA’s upholstery cleaning process quickly preserves the life of your interior investments. Our highly trained professional service staff will clean and sanitize your upholstery and have it looking great in hours.


AAA takes the work out of seasonal openings and closing by the beach or at your pool.


Protectant Applications for Exterior Furniture & Carpets

Following a professional cleaning, your best defense against dirt and stains is to treat fabrics with a layer of protection. A3 offers a variety of applications that shield your fabrics against dirt and stains so you can rest assured that your property is ready for worry- free entertaining all season long.


Exterior Cleaning Services for New Jersey and PennsylvaniaServices that AAA offers:

  • Cleaning patio furniture
  • Cleaning pool furniture
  • Cleaning deck furniture
  • Protecting Patio furniture
  • Protecting Pool furniture
  • Protecting Deck Furniture
  • Storing Patio furniture 
  • Caring for Patio & Deck Furniture
  • Opening and Closing Shore Properties
  • Pre/post Season Care for Shore Properties
  • Property Maintenance at the Jersey Shore
  • Property Maintenance
  • Jersey Shore Property Managers


AAA Services these NJ/PA/DE Counties


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