A great deal of time, effort and research are spent selecting the perfect carpet or area rug to compliment your interior design plan. Purchasing new carpeting and area rugs for a property can be a significant investment and AAA Carpet and Upholstery has the following tips to help it last as long as possible.

The difference it can make is amazing to the overall appearance of a home and in the life of your investment.

Set up a routine for vacuuming and your carpet will look new for years:
The ages and size of the family household will help to determine how often a carpet needs to be vacuumed.

A family with small children who are in very close contact with the floor should vacuum the carpet daily. New carpet can have loose fibers or fuzz that could remain on the carpet for months. A daily cleaning will help to eliminate the risk of small children inhaling or swallowing fiber or fuzz.

Homes with pets should be vacuumed daily. Pet dander and hair collects everywhere, weaving itself into carpets and upholstery and ultimately creating unpleasant odors.

Carpet in a heavy traffic area should be vacuumed daily if possible. Most of the soil in a carpet is dry and can be picked up easily with a vacuum. The fibers of carpet break down and become damaged when soil has the chance to settle deeper into a carpet and shorten the longevity of your area rugs and carpets.

Areas that receive a lot of foot traffic will need to be vacuumed daily or twice weekly, depending on the number of feet walking your carpet. 

Sharp objects are more likely to damage the fibers than is soiling.

If you live in an area where you can track sand in on your shoes or clothing, then a daily vacuuming is necessary.

Hallways, stairs, entrances and common paths get constant wear and should be vacuumed daily to prevent the fibers from becoming packed down.

AAA Carpet and Upholstery recommends vacuuming an area as many times per week as the number of people that regularly use that area. For instance, for an individual’s bedroom a weekly vacuuming is sufficient and a shared room with one other person should get a twice a week treatment.