The way that you vacuum actually impact your results, AAA Carpet and Upholstery suggests that you follow these tips:

  • Each room should be vacuumed according to daily use and the number of people that use a room determines the frequency/week. 
  • Use a forward and backward motion in a slow and deliberate motion.
  • The most effective method to address heavy traffic areas is to follow up by changing the direction of the vacuum and sweep across the carpet for a second time, dirt that was not picked up by going back and forth should be picked up in the second cross sweeping action.
  • It is important that a vacuum cleaner is set on the proper height- a cleaner set at a height that is too low will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the fibers. A setting that is too high will not allow full power from the machine to lift dirt from the carpet.
  • To allow for maximum cleaning power from your vacuum cleaner, mark on your calendar when you change your vacuum bag and change it at least every 3 months. House staff may overlook the importance of regularly checking and replacing bags or cleaning filters.