In order to restore leather to its original color, a color swatch is needed for color matching and color creation. Depending on the age of your item – leather furniture, leather jacket, leather bag, car/airplane seat, etc, it is best to supply us with a small sample of the material. A one inch piece is sufficient, but the larger the better!

Furniture: There is sometimes a piece of the original material sewn onto the platform by the manufacturer. The platform is the area beneath the seat cushions. A small piece of this patch may be cut off and sent to us. If this piece is not available, it will be necessary to turn the furniture over in order to reach the underside. On the underside, you will find a light color material which is stapled to the frame of the furniture. Remove a few of the staples enabling you to reach up inside the frame of the furniture. Excess leather is always wrapped around the wooden frame of the furniture which may be cut and sent to us.

Automotive: There is usually a piece that may be removed from under the frame of the seat. It may be a bit difficult to obtain due to the lack of room to work, but in many cases, a plastic trim panel may be easily removed to make the job easier. It is also possible to send us a small trim piece from the interior of the car. We can match the color to that piece and return it to you with your order.