Did you know that when AAA Carpet and Upholstery professionally cleans carpet using our low moisture, quick dry system, it could take as little as one to four hours for carpet to be completely dry? It seems hard to imagine but due to the lack of training and experience, some rug cleaning services can take DAYS to dry. Not only is this inconvenient to you and your family, it actually works contrary to the purpose of cleaning the carpets.

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, the certifying body for professional carpet cleaners, carpet should take about six to eight hours to dry, and never longer than 24 hours to dry. The reason being is that after that amount of time, microbial growth (like mold and mildew) can begin to grow. This is why low moisture cleaning is your best option for truly getting your carpets clean.

Unfortunately you need to be aware that some companies don’t have the safe cleaning machines nor the training needed for doing the best work. When you're trying to clean, sanitize and deodorize your home or office, why would you want to risk having problems?

As a full service professional carpet cleaning system, AAA Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services the entire Delaware Valley and guarantees your carpet will dry fast. Exactly how fast depends on the type of carpet that you have as well as the weather conditions the day you have your carpet cleaned. However, we guarantee they will be dry and ready to use and enjoy within four hours.

Having your carpets cleaned is like a spa day for your house. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you are protecting your family from germs and protecting your interior design investment with clean, healthy professional carpet cleaning. AAA Carpet and Upholstery’s low moisture quick dry technology allows you to use the carpet and get back to a normal family routine quickly.

Your family deserves complete satisfaction and the best cleaning you can trust.