It’s easier than you think to ensure that your carpet will last for an extended period. Simple things can add up to making your carpet last a long time. Following these suggestions can help you get 20 plus years out of your carpet investment.

Tips for Making your Carpet Last

Prevention – The next time you walk into any commercial building, check out whats adjacent to the doorway. Most often you will see a walk off mat. These rugs are affordable and designed to last a long time – plus the greatest benefit is that they do a terrific job protecting your interior carpets as they trap dirt and soil that we trek into properties on a daily basis.

These rugs are designed to trap a tremendous amount of dirt which will prevent all that stuff from making it into your home and getting trapped in your carpeting. By simply vacuuming the mat at the same time you vacuum the rest of your carpet and once a month hose the walk off mat down to really get the ground in dirt and oil out of the rug.

Maintenance – Once a year or more depending on your use and needs, schedule professional carpet cleaning service using a professional company that specializes in low moisture, quick dry cleaning.

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