The reality in most cases is that cleaning staff waits to clean a carpet when its appearance is unacceptable or poor. However, waiting until the carpet shows soiling, jeopardizes the integrity and life of your carpet investment.

To keep carpet looking clean and healthy, you need to develop a carpet maintenance program the day the carpet is installed.

A carpet cleaning maintenance program will prevent color loss caused by high levels of soils and oils that can lead to scratches and abrasion—and ultimately, fiber damage. A well-developed commercial carpet maintenance program can extend the life of your carpet investment and protect against carpet’s enemies: dirt, pollution, grease, and stains.

The goal of your commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program should be to maintain the carpet’s original appearance and color. The appearance of your office reflects your company brand and maintaining a healthy environment is appealing for your clients and visitors. Aside from daily vacuuming, your objective should be to effectively remove unwanted matter from the carpet - including bacteria, grease, and germs.

A proper carpet maintenance program will help to achieve a great appearance, preserve the color and contribute to a healthy, safe environment for your employees and clients.

How to set up an Effective Carpet Maintenance Program

Carpets actually act as a “filter” for a facility’s environment. A proper carpet maintenance program will work to empty the filter in order to protect the indoor environment.

Your program should include the following:

  • Soil prevention strategies
  • Routine maintenance
  • Interim cleaning
  • Restorative cleaning

Soil Prevention

Walk-off mats are a key element in developing a soil prevention program. A mat program is your great strategy to support a carpet cleaning maintenance program. Keeping a mat in place at target areas is a key asset such as entrances from parking lots or manufacturing areas will reduce soiling. Daily vacuuming carpets and mopping hard surface floors are critical and essential for a carpet maintenance program to be successful. Upright mechanical brush vacuums are generally recommended for most effective cleaning.

Spot Removal

In house staff often need to address spots and spills before they have a chance to become permanent. Too often, janitorial services begin to work on a stain with all-purpose cleaning products rather than carpet cleaning products and permanently set the spots or damaging carpets beyond repair. Janitorial staff members’ good intentions lead to expensive carpet replacement because they are under educated in carpet care and cleaning.

Property managers and carpet maintenance personnel should establish a carpet spotting book so that they can effectively communicate with custodians when spots or spills occur. The book should include a floor plan for custodians to indicate the location where the problem occurred along with corresponding dates of each one so there is a record of the problem area and the results of the spot cleaning. Identifying patterns can problem solve and help staff to become proactive.

Interim Cleaning Benefits & Frequency

Interim cleaning in high traffic areas can help to maintain a carpet’s appearance, color, and uniformity throughout an entire floor. AAA’s technology utilizes effective, low moisture, quick drying times which prevent disruption to your busy office.
Interim cleaning frequency depends on the amount of traffic, as well as the type and levels of soiling. While new carpet may have less of a need to be cleaned, over time there may be a need to increase the frequency of cleaning. Re-evaluate the condition of your carpets appearance each quarter to assess your specific needs.

Hire Trained, Experience Professionals

The safest approach for a carpet cleaning maintenance program is to identify and hire a reputable company in your area. Take time to get referrals and choose a company that has a positive reputation in your area. Hiring simply based on price can lead to unsightly results and expense due to a company’s lack of training or abrasive methodology. Buyer beware - Major carpet manufacturers may void the carpet warranty if custodians or carpet care technicians use improper tools or methods.

Long Term Benefits

A proper carpet management system can extend the useful life of carpet and help it to maintain a high level of appearance at all times. As a result, the property manager will have the option of replacing carpet for style, color, and design, instead of poor appearance.