Leather repair has, traditionally, been a difficult task. However, technology continues to evolve and new developments in chemistry and leather knowledge have made the repair of leather much easier and produce much better results. The materials used in  AAA Carpet & Upholstery’s products are made from the latest developments of this technology and include natural collagens and proteins. You can be assured that you will be receiving the very best that the industry has to offer.

Everyone loves leather - furniture, automotive upholstery, leather jackets - it looks and feels subtle and luxurious. However, leather requires regular maintenance, care and occasionally minor repair. AAA Carpet and Upholstery appreciates the quality of fine leather and the satisfaction of owning these leather products. We know what it takes to keep your leather items looking and feeling great and preserved for years of enjoyment.

Most people have little knowledge about how to care for leather. Leather, just like any other type of material, needs to be cared for, cleaned and repaired to keep it in good condition. But most important, the proper types of products must be used to maintain the natural beauty of leather. Contact AAA Carpet and Upholstery directly for more leather information and to schedule a service appointment.