Professionally cleaning handmade rugs has multiple benefits. Obviously it’s great to refresh a rug by improving its appearance but knowing that your rug is sanitized, deodorized and healthy for your family is essential. Did you know that professionally cleaning also provides health benefits for our rug?

It’s important to remove ingrained dirt and dust from Persian and Oriental rugs because fine dust and dirt that wears away at the foundation of the carpet, damaging the fibers of the foundation over time. Untreated, dirt is abrasive and begins to cut and tear at the carpet fibers. Without removing this ingrained dirt, the rug is not truly clean and the lasting benefits to its lifespan are not gained.

Rugs accumulate stains from household mishaps as well as daily foot traffic. Even if you are diligent about removing your shoes, bare feet and socks still transfer dirt, dust and body oils to carpets. Add a pet or two and throughout the year your rugs are under siege!

Did you know that untreated stains actually attract more dirt and become compound agents to attract excessive dirt? Rugs lose their beauty, luster, and colors become dull. In general, depending on usage AAA recommends that rugs be cleaned every 9-12 months. It’s helpful to schedule cleaning as part of your yearly household routine, just as you clean HVAC filters and check smoke detectors.

AAA uses the highest quality wool low moisture carpet cleaning process utilizing products and materials that are specifically designed for high quality wool and natural dyes. Removing color run from a careless wash is difficult and often impossible, so it is best to get it right the first time. AAA specializes in caring for handmade rugs. We take every precaution possible to ensure that your rugs are cleaned with the safest, most up to date care they deserve.