Although there are many products available for pet odor removal, there are no “magic potions” or cleaning systems that will work on every carpet in all pet odor situations.

Many over the counter products contain fragrances that simply mask the smell for a period of time and then you detect the original odor. In addition, their stain removal qualities are often too harsh for wool, sisal, or cotton. Beware - they will not remove the stain and these chemicals will cause greater permanent deterioration to carpet and upholstery.

If the pet “accident” problem has been going on for a long period of time, it increases the likelihood that the pad and subfloor are saturated with urine and cleaning the surface of the carpet alone will prove futile. Be mindful of what is lurking beneath that you can’t see.

Services for Removing Pet OdorsThere can never be a guarantee that the pet odor will be eradicated. According to Ruth Travis, a recognized carpet cleaning expert, if you believe the situation can be improved, it is better to say, “We will work hard to reduce the odor to the point that it is no longer a problem.” However, even this may be promising too much.

It helps to have realistic expectations. Some times like people, pets get ill or have unexpected accidents. However, understand that pets are creatures of habit so aside from cleaning the stain and odor, animals will need to alter their behavior.