It’s understandable that homeowners and property managers postpone carpet cleaning during winter months. Their reasoning is that it’s best to hold off until the ice and snow comes to an end.

However, there are actually several good reasons why consumers should schedule professional carpeting in the winter. In fact, there are several reasons why winter is the best time for professional carpet cleaning. Here are several customer benefits:

For your Health: Being stuck in doors during winter, there is less fresh air in facilities. Soiled carpets can have allergens and pollutants that negatively impact indoor air quality. Bugs and pests seek refuge indoors and penetrate further into your walls, basements and crawl spaces. To minimize germs, allergies and bugs schedule a professional carpet cleaning to keep you family and employees safe and healthy.

Harder to Clean: The more soil buildup in carpet, the harder stains and dirt are to remove. The longer you put off cleaning stains become more difficult-if not impossible-to remove.

Carpet Damage: The longer soiling remains in carpet, the more damage it can do to carpet fibers. Dirt becomes imbedded in carpet and acts like “miniature daggers.” As we walk on carpet these tiny daggers cut away at carpet fibers, shortening the life expectancy of the carpet."

Faster Dry Times: The winter months are often the driest time of the year. Humidity levels are lower than any other time of the year which promotes carpet to dry faster, opening areas to foot traffic sooner and there is less chance that mold or mildew will develop.

Flexible Appointment Times: During the winter months, appointments are much easier to come by, which is especially helpful should there be an emergency In the spring and summer, some carpet cleaning technicians can be booked two or three weeks in advance.

Cost Savings: Discounts offered during the winter mean real savings for consumers. During other times of the year, a discount is usually associated to upselling another service.