Has ice melt left its ugly mark on your carpets? If the effects of Old Man Winter have left you frustrated and disgusted by your carpets appearance – we feel your pain. As home and business owners reached for ice melt products to combat slippery sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots safe, the residual effects are unappealing and damaging.

As employees, guests, and family walk through your front door they will not only track in snow, but they will also bring the ice melt along as well. Many ice melt products can actually damage carpets and wood floors if not cleaned up immediately.

There are two types of ice melt that are most prevalent on the market: rock salt and calcium chloride. Rock salt is a sodium chloride base product which leaves a white residue on floors and carpets. Calcium chloride, on the other hand, will leave oily spots on carpet. The spots will then attract dirt and can leave carpet damaged and dirty.

While the snow may be diminishing, your carpet will remain soiled and unsightly. Professional carpet cleaning is the best remedy to restore the health and appearance of your home or business. Utilizing safe and effective products and techniques, A3 can eliminate the damage created by calcium chloride and rock salt. With flexible appointment options, Call A3 today to schedule a cleaning to best suits the needs of your busy office or home.