As we are trapped indoors hiding from freezing temperatures and snow, household odors can build up and become overwhelming and unpleasant - cooking, smoking, pets and even body odors are the usual culprits. However, the good news is that odors can be controlled and remedied.

Resist the urge to grab over the counter products that will simply mask the problem. Manufacturers’ commercials market products with catchy jingles for Febreeze and Lysol; however, these products actually trap dirt and bugs into your textiles, causing the fibers to break down, weaken and fall apart.

If you are buying or selling a home, entertaining guests or simply wanting to create a healthy environment for your family, AAA Carpet and Upholstery’s recommends the following tips to control odors and keep your house looking and smelling great:

  • Clean kitchen fan/filter ventilation system after meals and replace filters every six months
  • Clean HVAC systems every six months – when the clocks/seasons change
  • Stick to a weekly cleaning schedule for your home –depending on usage
  • vacuum 1-2x’s/wk,  wash floors 1-2x’s/wk,  wash bedding each week, remove trash daily.   
  • During cooking, crack a window up and downstairs to let the odor escape and fresh air in
  • If you curl up with a blanket on the sofa each night, wash or dry clean blankets each week
  • For upholstery odors, try sprinkling baking soda thoroughly on fabric and vacuum the next day
  • Train animals to stay off furniture and provide them with an alternative cozy bed
  • Wash or replace pet pets regularly
  • Wash and groom pets  regularly – oily coats transfer simply by rubbing against textiles
  • Dry clean coats stored in foyer or mudrooms that may be infiltrated by kitchen cooking odors
  • Ask guests to refrain from smoking in your property

Every six to twelve months schedule an appointment with a professional cleaning provider to clean and sanitize your property.  Your nose and textiles will thank you!  AAA’s  on-site dry cleaning service for upholstery,  drapery and rugs is gentle  and eliminates the need for multiple appointments.