Every savvy business owner seeks to control costs and maximize profits.

If you already have an in-house cleaning staff or janitorial crew, you may be considering the idea of adding carpet cleaning to their monthly duties.

After all, implementing a cost savings measure could get your boss’ attention.
But beware of the hidden costs of being penny wise and dollar foolish.

The sad fact is that many well intentioned business owners wind up calling AAA to come to their rescue to correct issues that their inexperienced staff created when they’ve taken on a job that they are under prepared to perform – causing permanent damage and costing thousands of dollars.

You could be left with-

  • dirty carpets that are a breeding ground for mold, mildew
  • soap residue that jeopardize your employees’ health
  • shortening the life of your carpet investment

Just as your company provides a professional service or product, respecting the institutional knowledge and experience of an accredited carpet cleaning company will help you avoid time consuming problems.

Important questions you should consider-

  • What is the construction of your carpet?
  • Do you know if you purchased the right chemical?
  • Can you measure the Ph of your carpet to know what pre-treatment to select?
  • Do you have natural fibers?
  • Will you know what kind of post treatment you will use to give you the most value for your efforts? 
  • Will you leave soap residue when you clean?

Quality professional cleaning will give you more than just a deep cleaning of your carpet. They should assist you by providing a comprehensive cleaning strategy that will extend the life of your carpet, keep your employees healthy and keep your workplace looking its best.