Call me crazy but September is my favorite time of year to reclaim my house after the lazy, crazy days of summer. After months of enjoying summer breezes wafting through my windows, bare feet and my children home from school -our house needs a thorough cleaning.  Fall is a great time to restore your nest, prepare for the demands of the new school year and ensure that your family has a happy and healthy season.

Here’s a guide to help you earn an A on your fall cleaning:

Prepare for a closet ambush-start with the kids rooms- Inspect and sort children’s clothes and toys and make three piles-one to give to younger siblings, one to donate and one for trash.  Make a quick note of clothes or shoes that each child outgrew or needs replaced so you have a defined shopping list ready for next spring or a vacation. In the master bedroom, help ease your transition to your fall wardrobe by inspecting all of your clothes for stains or deterioration. Wash or dryclean any soiled garments to prevent moth damage or stains.

Start at the top shelf and wipe out all of the dresser drawers, closet shelves and vacuum thoroughly. Even the closet walls should be wiped downed twice a year -bugs, moths and spiders are looking for a warm safe haven to hid and settle in for the winter – make certain that they know there isn’t any room at your inn.

Wipe window sills, remove and wash screens along with interior and exterior glass

Drapery Cleaning
Pollen and dust become trapped in the fibers of materials and can cause premature aging and discoloring if draperies aren’t cleaned on a regular schedule.  After the summer it’s a logical time to schedule your drapery to be dry cleaned.  Contact your local professionals, some now offer on-site drycleaning technology to help you avoid the hassle of removing and re-hanging.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning
Few surfaces scream “clean me” like your hardwood floors when your kids start running around their house in their white socks.

Wash your dog
Even if your dog is groomed regularly, get into the habit of wiping their paws every time they come in from the yard or a walk. As the leaves fall from the trees you will be amazed how much dirt is carried in on their feet and coat -carried throughout your home and transferred to carpets, flooring, upholstery and drapery.

One of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to keep your systems running smoothly is to take time twice a year to change your and wash your filters.

Indoor vs. Outdoor shoes
Each day when you transition from outdoors to indoors, switch to a slipper or dedicated “house shoe” that you don’t wear outdoors.

Don’t stress about this list - call a trusted professional company, like AAA Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to perform these jobs quickly and efficiently and get your house looking great for fall! AAA Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, trusted by Philadelphia’s award winning designers and serving the entire Delaware Valley and the Jersey shore. 609-932-2296