Recommended Guide from the University of Pennsylvania – 5/2013

Before you go home-

Overall House Cleaning

In order to decrease the overall dust, mold and mildew that grows in homes, the whole house must be cleaned. Dust, mold and mildew contain harmful fungus and bacteria that can cause infections in people who do not have fully functioning immune systems.

Floors, Windows, Window Shades, and Major Appliances

  • Wipe /clean all with standard cleanser
  • Clean all major appliances with bleach based cleansers (1/4 cup bleach to ¾ cups of water)
  • Clean under appliances if possible (refrigerator, washer, dryer)

Furniture, Rugs, Drapery

  • Vacuum all thoroughly
  • Rugs must be vacuumed/shampooed
  • A professional cleaning service is recommended but not required

Heating and Air Conditioning Vents

  • Vacuum vents, clean with standard cleanser
  • Central air conditioning filters should be changed every 6 months


  • Dispose of wooden cutting boards. Obtain a cutting board (not made of wood) that can be wiped down with bleach based cleanser.
  • Dispose of wooden dish – drains. Obtain a dish drain that can be easily wiped down with a bleach based cleanser.
  • Pour one cup of bleach down drain (sink and garbage disposal)